Medifast Vs Nutrisystem

A review of popular weight loss programs.

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Medifast and Nutrisystem are two of the key players when considering meal replacement plans to lose weight.

These two programs are extremely popular among dieters who want ready made meals with the calories already counted for them. Medifast and Nutrisystem may seem like they are similar at first, but when looked at closer the difference between the two programs is apparent. Both are pre-packaged, meal replacement diets where almost all of your daily meals will be provided. Both provide meals that are high protein, low in calories, yet high in carbs. Average reported weight loss from both companies is about two to three pounds a week with some people having reached upwards of five to eight pounds in a week. With either of these programs if one sticks to the system and does not cheat I believe desired results can be achieved.

Brief history of Medifast and Nutrisystem:

Medifast was founded by Dr. William Vitale in 1980. Medifast is based in Owings Mills, Maryland. Originally one could only get the Medifast system if they had a prescription form a doctor. Soon after its founding things took off, and with their new found success, they were able to acquire new properties and move from prescription products to direct to customer products. Some other subsidiaries of Medifast include Steven Crondall, LLC, Jason Properties, Jason Enterprises, Jason Pharmaceuticals, and Take Shape for Life, Inc. Today Medifast continues to build on its reputation as a seller of sound diet programs. Twenty thousand doctors have prescribed their products and over a million people have used them. Some services offered by Medifast are:


Nutrisystem became an idea in 1971 when Harold Katz had an idea to create a system to help people lose weight. It would include behavioral counseling, and medical supervision, along with meals low in calories. Harold opened up his first center in Willow Grove, a suburb of Philadelphia. Not known as Nutrisystem until 1980, Katz's company ranked as one of the one hundred fastest growing companies in the US. Nutrisystem had several booms and busts in the 80s and 90s, reaching revenues as high as 764 million. By 1993 Nutrisystem filed for Chapter 11 and in their efforts to come back decided to become a purely dot-com company in 1997. Having been reborn on the net and joining the QVC Network on television, Nutrisystem continues to flourish today.

Tools offered by Nutrisystem are:


As one can see both of these systems have been around for decades and are well established. Both companies have a lot of products and services to offer. I will go in depth about each program comparing Medifast vs Nutrisystem. We will also look into other diet programs later, such as Optifast and Wonderslim.

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